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The resources on this page I personally use and are something I would recommend to my close friends and family. As an additional incentive, if available, the links below are affiliate links and we’ll both win by you signing up with the link.

Business Tool - Noise Reduction


Mute Background Noise During Calls with Krisp (for Desktop). It’s amazing, seriously. An absolute must if you frequently make work calls in Noisy environments. It’s creepily good at this. Use my link and you get 30 days free.

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Business Tool - travel insurance

Safety Wing

Travel Health Insurance that doesn’t suck, for digital nomads and people without a ‘home base.’ Safety wing does a great job.

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Business Tool - Spreadsheets


Airtable is amazing. Check it out. Upgraded spreadsheets with TONS of capabilities. You’re welcome.

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Business Tool - Transcripts


Record voice memos and have AI create perfect transcripts for you. I’ve tried quite a few and Otter is by far the best I’ve seen. Check it out.

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Finance Tool - Net Worth

Personal Capital

Overall asset allocation and net worth tracking. If your investments are held across a number of different platforms/locations it’s nice to aggregate them to see a bird’s eye view of how your overall allocation looks.

Two tools we use are Personal Capital and good old fashioned Excel. Personal Capital has a really powerful free tool that helps a lot, peering into your investments and really analyzing what you’re invested in.

Personal Capital is simple and free to use. Spend a few minutes and link all your bank accounts, your investments, and even investments like cryptocurrency and your house and Personal Capital will do the rest.

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Finance Tool - Public Equities Robo Advisor


An increasing amount of our public equity investments are held with Wealthfront. Robo-advisers have transformed the investing industry and Wealthfront is one of the best out there. Wealthfront is a robo-advisor that automatically allocates deposits to baskets of equities and bonds (ETFs), based on your risk preferences (more risky = more equities).

They have great features like auto-rebalancing and tax-loss harvesting, all at a VERY LOW fee of 0.25%. Yes, you’re paying fees for all of these services, but the incremental gains (after fees) are still very worth it.

Clicking the button below, you get your first $15,000 managed for free.

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Finance Tool - High Interest Savings Account (Smart Saver)


Betterment is another well known Robo-advisor. I use them for their smart savings feature. Linking to your normal checking account and sweeping excess capital into high-yielding savings account beyond a threshold – it’s really great.

Their Smart Saver account is currently yielding 2.39% (Sep-2019) and works well to earn a little extra interest on your idle cash.

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Finance Tool - Crowdfunded Real Estate


Fundrise offers Crowdfunding investments in Real Estate. Privately traded, low liquidity. Potentially much lower correlation with markets and other assets.

Fundrise recently revealed stats on how its REITs have performed. In fiscal 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017, they returned 12.25%, 12.42%, 8.76% and 11.44%, respectively, on an average annualized basis. Obviously, keep in mind that previous performance does not indicate future results and these are before individual taxes.

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Finance Tool - Real Estate Loans

Peer street

Peer Street gives investors access to individual short-term real estate loans for a variety of projects. The loans on the platform tend to be on single family residences for acquisitions or refinancing.

Returns are advertised at 6-9% and have fallen within that range so far. These notes are typically shorter term (6-24 months), and worth noting that the notes are illiquid before the maturity and depending on the note may be taxed as ordinary income.

Clicking the button below, your first investment will earn an extra 1% yield.

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Cryptocurrency Tool - TRADING PLATFORM


Cryptocurrency exposure is uncorrelated with many other assets.

I’m fundamentally bullish on crypto as an asset class and usCoinbase for buying and selling this asset. It is very easy to use and is arguably the most secure and well-capitalized method to purchase crypto.

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