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Ben Lakoff

I am an Entrepreneur and Investor.

I have a background in Finance (CFA), and am an active angel investor (75+ deals). I am obsessed with all things startups, and have started, sold, grown and failed companies - learning a lot along the way. 

I work primarily with early-stage startups, and companies I’ve worked with have raised over $150M in funding in the past 3 years. 

I’m an advisor for a number of companies in the web3 space and currently mentoring at a few web3 accelerators.

Prime Directives

These prime directives influence the lens in which I view things.

Curious: Stay Curious. Chase meaning, not money. Life is a gift, try new things and push yourself.

Health: It’s a marathon. This will always be a priority for me.

Hard Work: There are no shortcuts to going anywhere worth going, but also being a radical pragmatist approaching obstacles.

Rules: There are no rules. You create the reality you want to experience.

Focus: Focus on the long-term. Concentrated effort is always better.

Work Stuff

I’m an investor, startup operator, advisor, and a genuinely curious person.

Startup Operator

At my core I’m an operator, I love the trench warfare that is operating a startup. I’m currently the co-founder and business lead building Charged Particles, a Non-Fungible Token (NFT)protocol launched in May’20 allowing NFTs to hold other digital assets.

Advisor / Angel Investor

I've started, scaled, sold and failed companies in the past. Capital is essentially a commodity these days. My value-add comes from deep experience from sitting on both sides of the table - as an operator raising capital and as an investor deploying capital. I also advise a number of early-stage startups on what they can focus on to move the needle.

Consulting / Coaching

I'm always willing to work with people on a more personal coaching basis or for their company as a consultant.


I'm fascinated with "Alternative Investments" and run a podcast talking about them. The directive here is all about educating and presenting alternative investment options for the forward-thinking non-accredited investor. A Podcast is a terrific tool to have very insightful conversations.

Listen to the podcast here.