Should you join a MasterMind?

Why should you join a MasterMind? 

Many reasons. 

I’ve been involved with Masterminds and startups for years now and I’ve been running mastermind groups for most of this year. Ex-Finance turned Entrepreneur, I love the mastermind formats and the tremendous value and growth that comes from them.

Each group we launch gets better and better. The group is highly curated and launched once we have a full group of 5 people. You can sign up to join the next mastermind or get more information here.

What is a MasterMind?

Before you join a MasterMind, one must better understand what it is and is not.

A MasterMind is NOT a silver bullet, quick fix that will solve all your business (or personal) woes. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. 

A MasterMind Group is a group of individuals that get together regularly and work together to problem solve each others’ most significant hurdles at that time.

Especially important when working on your own business, a MasterMind could be interesting as it won’t cost you any equity like other methods of getting startup help, and the benefits can be tremendous. 

A good MasterMind Group is like having an entire unbiased group of advisors helping you think out your growing company’s (or idea’s) most significant struggles. 

There is also an added benefit from providing value and helping other individuals in similar positions, hopefully learning from their difficulties prior to facing them yourself. 

For me, I gain a lot of insight in to what others are focusing on, struggling with and working towards. This helps me with thinking through my own business plans.

Who should join a MasterMind?

Not everyone should join a MasterMind. Again, it’s not a quick fix. It’s for people that really want this. It’s for ambitious individuals that perhaps would benefit from some outside perspective.

I believe “entrepreneurial-minded” individuals should join a MasterMind. What does this mean? You have already started or would like to start your own business. 

Don’t have a business yet but looking for a support group for inspiration to get started? Sure, but see my next paragraph. THEN, you’ll benefit a lot more from the sessions. Have a business and want to take it to the next level? Perfect. Want to expand your network to include entrepreneurs? Probably not for you. Although this is an added benefit of these groups, this should not be the only reason why you join.

I’m just starting a business, should I join a MasterMind?

If you are just starting a business, or have an idea that you’re still working on, that’s ok. Although a MasterMind would likely still be helpful at this phase, I’d suggest doing a few things prior to joining a MasterMind that will increase what you get out of a group like this. 

Prior to joining a MasterMind, some helpful prerequisites for anyone thinking through their next great startup idea:

Doing any/all of these will really help answer many of the initial questions and help you think through a lot of the processes with starting a business. By doing these before joining a MasterMind, you’ll have a much better idea of what questions you should be asking in the MasterMind meetings and get a lot more out of the sessions.

What are the other details?

Our MasterMind Groups were created to create value. We’re learning and want feedback as we grow and evolve this (just like any small business).

Here are the current rules:

  • Groups are capped at 4-6 people total.
  • Meetings occur every two weeks.You must attend 80+% of the meetings.
  • MasterMind sessions occur for 3 months. So there will be a total of 6 meetings. 
  • Meeting format: 1.5-2 hour meetings scheduled. Meeting includes 2-3 “catch-ups” for 5-10 min (updates from previous week), then 2-3 deep dive “Hot Seats” 25-30 min each (come with questions and group answers and gives input). So each member goes twice per month in a ‘Hot Seat’ and is able to get answers to their burning business questions.
  • Each member must always be respectful, helpful and open. If requested, conversations can be kept confidential.
  • Members must be “entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial minded.” New members accepted on an Invite-only basis. New members cannot join once a Group has launched. Openings will be announced quarterly (if available). Note: Application does not mean acceptance into a MasterMind Group.
  • We will do our best to pair members up to have diverse sets of interests, skills, similar business size and goals, and similar time zones.
  • Paid Membership – This is to be taken seriously. Payment is up front, and there is a large portion that is a deposit to keep you more accountable. If you miss more than 20% of the group calls, that deposit is forfeited.
  • We’re a location independent group. Please mind the time zones, we use skype for the meetings and record them.

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